Thursday, February 18, 2010

Race to the Finish!

The holidays were so busy we kinda got sidetracked. Now we’re ready to go! We’ve got the holiday stuff all cleaned up and had a nice rest and recuperation! Ready to fire up the presses and get this done! If you want to be included, please send in YOUR favorite anipal treat recipe, a comment or review (We value your anipal opinion! Like to think we have a unique perspective!), anything your human might have to say about it, (they do DO all the work making them….love you Mom!), and a picture you’d like us to use, (or your Twitter avatar is good too.) My email is

If your people have any good human recipes, (we can share some of them, right?) Have them send the recipe and some info, photos, etc. To Smokey Bonser at

Looks like we might have a pawpawty cookfest of some sort this spring, so lets get this going.