Friday, May 21, 2010

Taste Testing!

Taste testing is in full swing and the time has come to make a final appeal to all my anipal friends! We only have about another month to collect recipes for our Pawpawty Cookbook! So if you are one of the ones that have been putting it off, now is the time! We also need some 'reviews' and 'testers'! If you would like to try a recipe that is not on the blog, please email and let us know what you like, we’ll send you a different one! The recipes are all pretty fast and easy and don't require a lot of special ingredients, so urge your human to give one a try! Be sure to take your picture enjoying the results so you can be included in our book. This will make a great Holiday gift!

Even @CheshireK's Karma and Reggie tried out a recipe posted here on the blog! Cat Salad was on the menu and taste aside, the food was even fun to play with and piqued their ever present curiosity!

A big, big 'thanks' to all who have sent in recipes and photos! We look forward to hearing from the rest of you in the coming weeks. This project is going to be well worth the effort! Each month the proceeds will go to the Pawpawty Charity of the month and our shelter and rescue pals will thank you! Let us hear from you at .