Friday, October 30, 2009

Line Up For A Taste Test!

The smells are starting to waft out of the kitchen and taste testing has begun. The four kids & I have begun helping in earnest by having a doggie stew made from a recipe sent in by Johann ( @JohannTheDog )! We love our noms! Bailey ( @baithecatahoula ), Bruno ( @BrunoTheDog ), Sid ( @SidTheCatahoula), Bosco ( @BigBoyBosco ) & even Bailey’s human Dad have all been taste testing the delicious recipes! We are awaiting their review of the peanut butter & cinnamon and the pumpkin, peanut butter & cinnamon treats! If you’d like to try something and give a review, let us know, we’ll give you a recipe to try out! Or send us a recipe and a review!

Have gathered several recipes but need some more! Dog dishes, cat dishes and other critter dishes would be most welcome. Just think of your yummiest noms and let me know how you like them served up just for you! I know some of us can be ‘picky’ or as I like to think of it ‘have sophisticated palates’. It’s these little differences that make us all expert nommers in our own right! So just jot me a note at our family kitchen email Let us hear from you! Bone Appetite!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking for International Noms!

Thanks to all my great Pawpawty pals who have enthusiastically responded to the request for help with our Pawpawty cookbook. Looks like it is well on its way to being a great source of noms! I don’t want anybody to be left out!

Was thinking last night while my humans were enjoying a lovely Italian dinner… anipals in different countries have different types of treats? So much of what my Mom fixes is based on what is available locally and in season. I’m sure it must be the same elsewhere. So I’d like anipals from other countries to feel free to pitch in with their favorites and give our cookbook a true international flavor!

We also need noms for our critter friends not of the canine or feline species! Let’s hear from you too!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Noms Are Essential!

I am establishing this blog for the purpose of exchanging information on a Pawpawty Cookbook! We are all grateful for yummy treats and love to have home cooked noms! I am so excited about this opportunity to help our less fortunate pals in shelters and rescues all over the world. This cookbook can be our way of saying how thankful we are for our loving homes.
We all have such great fun at the monthly Pawpawty. The menu is always stocked with yummy noms and we’d like to translate some of these into real life treats for us to enjoy as we Twitter away!
This is a huge undertaking for me as my only other job is looking after our 4-legged stock, rolling in smelly stuff, zooming around the grounds and generally lounging about the place. We are trying to keep the production costs at a minimum, so I am asking for a little help from all the anipal and anipal parents out there in Twitterland. If you can volunteer your time or talents, please let us know! We need recipes for dog, cat and other critter treats! We will need reviews of recipes. For busy anipal parents, I’d also like to include a section where people can find pre-made treats that are extra nommy and can be ordered. We will need some help with graphics, layout and photos.  Of course any publishing help would be a very welcome luxury! My Mom, Joanne has volunteered to collect and organize all the recipes and help with anything else she can. The kids & I eagerly volunteer to be taste testers, but even with our voracious appetites, we will need help!
We already have a couple of retailers interested in carrying the cookbook and there seems to be a lot of interest. This will be a fun undertaking and a great potential to do something positive for the many animal charities out there that don’t get a lot of publicity through conventional channels.
So please share your ideas, vision and recipes for this book. If you have an idea for an adaptation of any of the Pawpawty menu items, that would be a most welcome idea. I’m looking forward to this effort and hope we can all have a lot of fun and satisfaction in this adventure.