Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking for International Noms!

Thanks to all my great Pawpawty pals who have enthusiastically responded to the request for help with our Pawpawty cookbook. Looks like it is well on its way to being a great source of noms! I don’t want anybody to be left out!

Was thinking last night while my humans were enjoying a lovely Italian dinner… anipals in different countries have different types of treats? So much of what my Mom fixes is based on what is available locally and in season. I’m sure it must be the same elsewhere. So I’d like anipals from other countries to feel free to pitch in with their favorites and give our cookbook a true international flavor!

We also need noms for our critter friends not of the canine or feline species! Let’s hear from you too!


  1. Hi there Petie the cat here, do you mean that you are looking for recipes for a cook book? That is a fabulous idea. Count me in to provide some (well actually my mama will)

  2. Rascal, Brutus here! Count us in for recipes. Also, mom is a professional editor, writer and food critic so she will be happy to help with the back end stuff getting it ready to publish. (She is writing a cookbook herself!)

  3. Count me in on helping out with the creation of a website & ofcourse promoting the great cookbook at the PawPawty site & PawPawty events
    Love Love this idea

  4. I will be emailing you the recipes that I use along with some reviews. I am so excited to work on the book with you and everyone else! It's so exciting!!


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