Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Call for Recipes!!!!!

Hey pals, this is your last chance to contribute to the Pawpawty Cookbook. Mom’s been working hard on getting it ready for the publisher and I’m exhausted from all the taste testing! We need all the recipes by August 13th! Don’t be left out. Watch for information on how you can help with the Cookbook cover! Details soon!

Don't forget to check the tab at the top for lots of yummy COLD treats for these hot summer days!


  1. Oh I cant wait 2 C da cook book , Thank you Rascal an urs mom 4 all da hard werk HUGSxxxx

  2. Thank you pal, do appreciate your support! The cookbook is looking good, so many yummy noms! Should be ready by October!
    Cowdog hugs! XOXO


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